“Start Your Ride Faster”

Prestacycle was founded in 2006 in upstate New York, USA. Located at the intersection of the Hudson and Mohawk river valleys, which are central to the Adirondack, Catskill and Green Mountain ranges. It’s a perfect R&D playground for cycling of all kinds!

  • Prestacycle’s President and founder David Finlayson is a life-long cyclist in a family of Scottish engineers. The company started from his own desire for a cycling tool that did not exist. From this need, the company’s first tool, the Prestaflator was born. Since then, the company focus has been singular to creating unique new products that better suit existing needs.

    Early in the company’s formation, a need for consumer tools was recognized. Plenty of companies make tool sets that can cost thousands of dollars and may require professional training for even the simplest of tasks. Prestacycle focused on designing tools that serve multiple purposes in a single high-quality tool that can be carried on the bike, or fit in a utility drawer. They introduced patented designs for torque tools that are “consumer-proof”. In every unique tool, Prestacycle bears-in-design it’s motto: “Start your ride faster”.

  • Prestacycle has grown and flourished over the years through popular support of it’s Dealer network, Mechanic’s associations and grass-roots acceptance by cyclists. A side benefit of making tools convenient, faster and easier to use is that hard-working mechanics like them too. Prestacycle has also grown both internationally and through supplying technology to other companies. Many of Prestacycle’s designs can now be found labeled with other brands. Prestacycle truly believes it’s expertise better serves the cycling community if it can be accessed through multiple channels. As the need for these products is driven by both consumer and industry, the stream of new innovations remains constant.