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Prestaflator Body & Gauge

Prestaflator Body & Gauge

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This is a replacement part. It does not include the hose, head or coupler plug. The gauge & body are sold only together as a unit to insure correct gauge calibration and leak-free seal at the sideways position.

Analog Dial Gauge:

High quality gauge uses a Steel housing and a rubber shock guard for shop-grade durability. Inside the gauge – a copper coil and a larger diameter mechanism provide the best possible accuracy.

Digital Gauge:

Rapid Response™ Digital Gauge. During inflation, the gauge is capable of showing immediate changes in pressure, enabling fast inflation – now with supreme accuracy. The gauge uses highly accurate, non-wearing circuitry for pressure readings, so it does not wear-out or loose accuracy like traditional Dial gauges. Highly accurate readings are across the whole range, making this tool excellent for Fat Tire, Cyclocross, MTB as well as Road Bikes. Easy Tool-less replacement of the two CR2032 batteries (included).